Matchavariani: We Will Have More Cooperation with the Business Sector

“We will be in a more cooperation and listening mode with the business sector. This is a very important message, which has been multiply underlined at the presentation of the government program by the new Prime Minister,” stated Ivane Matchavariani, Minister of Finance of Georgia after expressing confidence in renewed government by the Parliament.

He noted that business is the driving force of the Georgian economy. Thus, more focus is to be put on the dialogue with this sector in future. In addition, the Minister of Finance strongly accentuated the efficient functioning of the Government.

“The Prime Minister stated that were are launching a completely different dynamic phase, when the decision-making on different aspects, as well as their implementation will take place in much more accelerated tempo and all of us will witness it. You know that we have been ameliorating our results in almost all rankings for the past few years, including the business environ and investment climate, much contributed by the government. However, in the bureaucratic system the decision-making dynamics is in need of permanent sophistication. Therefore, I do believe that we are entering a more active phase with this regards,” stated Matchavariani, noting that the budgetary process is to kick off soon, enabling him to speak about the plans for 2020 in details.



Translated by Ketevan Kvaratskheliya

09 September 2019 16:51