TBC Status Introduces New, Digital Package

TBC Status has introduced a brand new, Digital Package to clientele. The Package is designed for those individuals for whom the use of banking products represents an inseparable part of life, who actively consume non-banking products and offers, and who prefer to manage personal finances and banking operations independently, without the help of a banker.

The Status Digital Package integrates all the superiorities and products of a traditional set, without a personal banker. Tailored to the lifestyle, a customer is enabled to benefit from discounts at shopping venues, as well as the advantage of special offers at a number of events. With it, a Status Concierge will be ready to respond 24/7 to requests.

The full list of the banking and non-banking products of the Status Digital Package is as follows:

Banking Products:


- Free cash withdrawal from TBC and partner bank ATMs

- High daily limit for cash withdrawal at ATMs

- Terms of interest accrual on card balance

- Free "Premium" card security service

• Fixed rates on bank transfers

• Preferential rates on withdrawals from savings and current accounts

• Special offers on insurance products

• Certificate and extract free of charge

• Queue Priority Card

• 24/7 Status Center service

Non-Banking Products

• Concierge Service

• Discounts at more than 150 shopping venues

• Training, masterclasses and events tailored to the interests of customers

• Airport Lounge Access Card (Lounge Key; Priority Pass)

Monthly fee for the Package – 10 GEL

For more information about the Status Digital Package, please visit: www.tbcbank.ge/web/ka/web/guest/status-digital

Or contact the Status Center: 2 272700.

By Ketevan Kvaratskheliya

09 September 2019 16:18