Dreamland Oasis Chakvi

When you think of holidays, the first ideas that spring to mind are usually comfortable accommodation, nice infrastructure, beautiful nature and a turquoise sea with calm waves. If you want to discover all of this in one place, Dreamland Oasis Chakvi, a wonderful resort on the Black Sea, is for you.

Separated from the noisy, crowded cities and other tourist attractions, Dreamland Oasis Chakvi is a small town with unique infrastructure, representing a home to the best facilities and ensuring an unforgettable experience for all visitors, whether they seek an active holiday or quiet relaxation.

Sprawled across 10 hectares, Dreamland Oasis Chakvi offers a multifunctional complex, of hotel and apartments. Both the accommodation options have been smartly designed by a team of professionals and come with all the necessary facilities, thus representing an ideal venue for holidays with friends and family.

The infrastructure of the complex is certainly nothing short of spectacular. While you can lie back on the private half-kilometer beach and enjoy the endless stretch of sea and breeze carrying the fresh salty spray, various other entertaining facilities, including billiards, bowling, a video games room and even a cinema are also ready to serve you on site.

The enormous colorful slides in the open waterpark, built in a rocky fortress style, are ready to host adventure-lovers. Those wanting a calmer stay are very welcome to try the Finnish and Turkish sauna, as well as an excellent array of treatments at the Spa Center.

The founders of Dreamland Oasis Chakvi had the importance of greenery very much in mind while launching the complex. There are almost 8,000 plants of 85 varieties on site, creating a wonderful synthesis of colors and enabling guests to delve into the atmosphere of tranquility and harmony from the very first step.

Sport has become an inseparable part of many people’s life. Therefore, Dreamland Oasis Chakvi offers guests a wide range of sport facilities. You can enjoy tennis courts, as well as football, basketball and volleyball pitches with your friends, or team up with other guests.

Ensuring a pleasant stay for minors is also of vital importance for the administration of Dreamland Oasis Chakvi. That is why there are fabulous and safe children’s playgrounds and a kindergarten supervised by animators and other carers.

The exceptional culinary is not to be missed. Various restaurants are ready to serve guests the best specialties of Georgian and European cuisine and ensure a unique gastronomic experience of fresh and healthy food. Bars on the complex are equally significant, as they provide a wide assortment of colorful and mouthwatering cocktails, as well as other refreshments.

Dreamland Oasis Chakvi is an ever-developing complex in accordance with the latest world trends, which has recently launched yet another facility focused even more on the comfort of visitors – a bracelet pay system, removing the need to carry cash with you during your stay.

We can’t end without mentioning the professional staff, who are available 24/7 to ensure the positive mood and fine stay of their guests.

Through its well-developed and diverse infrastructure, integrating a huge number of facilities, as well as immaculate services, Dreamland Oasis Chakvi has certainly established itself as one of the treasures of the Georgian hospitality industry, and despite the Russian tourist embargo, which raised various problems for the tourism sector this year, Dreamland Oasis Chakvi has managed to complete the summer season with success.

By Ketevan Kvaratskheliya

09 September 2019 16:14