New Charges Against Gvaramia in Rustavi 2 Case

Nika Gvaramia, the former Director-general of Rustavi 2 TV Company, has been charged again in the Rustavi 2 case, the General Prosecutor's Office stated at a special briefing today.

He is accused of embezzling Rustavi 2 property.

In addition to Gvaramia, an indictment was filed against Kakha Damenia, the former financial director of the channel, and Zurab Iashvili, director of company Intermedia Plus.

The Prosecutor’s Office said that Damenia is accused of violation of a large amount of property rights of the Rustavi 2broadcasting company, while Zurab Iashvili is accused of commercial bribery and production/use of counterfeit official documents, which caused significant damage.

“Today, at 18:00, I am summoned to the General Prosecutor's Office, where I have to face new charges. Life is wonderful in a 'democracy,' Gvaramia wrote on Facebook. "Mtavari Arckhi will start broadcasting anyway. Your attempts are senseless," 

The opposition-minded new TV Channel, “Main Channel” (“Mtavari Arkhi” in Georgian), founded by Gvaramia, is to start broadcasting on September 9. 

Gvaramia was charged once in August by the Prosecutor’s Office for abusing his power and making decisions which were harmful to Rustavi 2 TV Channel.

The investigation was launched based on the statement of the lawyer of Nino Nizharadze, former owner of 9% of Rustavi 2 shares, about the alleged crime committed by the management of the TV company. In addition, the statement of Paata Salia, the new director of the channel, about an alleged crime that significantly damaged the broadcasting company, was also attached to the case.

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By Ana Dumbadze 

06 September 2019 14:26
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