Georgia among the Most Diet-Obsessed Countries

While cuisine represents an inseparable part of the Georgian culture, mesmerizing locals as well as foreigners with an incredible array of mouthwatering dishes, who would imagine that Georgia would turn out to be among the top 10 of the most diet-obsessed countries.

Chef’s Pencil, an online platform launched by Sydney-based Chef Paul Hegeman bringing professional chefs from all over the world to share their recipes, has carried out a study to gauge people’s interest in diets across the globe.

The article entitled ‘The Most Diet-Obsessed Places in the Word’ notes that Google Trends’ data was used as the major resource while conducting the study and presents 10 countries with the highest trend of searches for diets and related themes:

  • Poland (Google Trends Score: 100)
  • Australia (Google Trends Score: 83)
  • United States (Google Trends Score: 78)
  • New Zealand (Google Trends Score: 77)
  • Moldova (Google Trends Score: 77)
  • South Africa (Google Trends Score: 76)
  • Georgia (Google Trends Score: 76)
  • Lebanon (Google Trends Score: 74)
  • Canada (Google Trends Score: 70)
  • United Kingdom (Google Trends Score: 70)

“Georgia’s top-searched diet was the Dukan Diet.  This controversial low-carb diet is supposed to work in several phases to adjust and maintain proper metabolism.  Interestingly, Georgia may be undergoing a revival of interest in tea, and the official nutrition guidelines include a warning not to drink tea with iron-rich foods,” reads the article.

The research also provides the dieting patterns: diet-related searches peak at the beginning of the year and then steadily drop until the next New Year’s Day comes around. Locally, the highest interest in dieting was in the following regions: Abkhazia (Score 100), Imereti (Score 99), Tbilisi (Score 98), and Mtskheta-Mtianeti (Score 95), and Shida Kartli (Score 95).

It seems that the enthusiasm of Georgians towards gourmet pleasures results in much efforts to keep slim and healthy.


By Ketevan Kvaratskheliya

04 September 2019 15:53