Georgian Wine, Cheese, Mineral Water Protected by Georgian-Swiss Agreement

The Agreement signed between Georgia and Switzerland, envisaging protection of a number of brand names of Georgian and Swiss products, as well as geographical indicators and use of the indication of source ‘Switzerland’, came into force on September 1, reports the Embassy of Switzerland in Georgia.

Within the scope of the treaty, Georgia’s Kakheti wine, Sulguni cheese and Borjomi mineral water are to be under protection in Switzerland, while Georgia will protect Swiss products, among them: Tête de Moine, Gruyère, Swiss chocolate and Swiss watches. In addition, the indication ‘Switzerland’, as well as the Swiss cross and the names of Swiss cantons, have also been agreed to be protected.

“Geographical indications and indications of source are an important marketing tool for Swiss quality products, also in the export sector,” stated Patric Franzen, the Ambassador of Switzerland to Georgia, noting that this agreement is able to protect said products and indications better than international law, much contributing to the preservation of the high reputation of Swiss quality products in the long term.

Georgia is the tenth country to launch an international agreement with Switzerland envisaging the protection of Swiss products.


By Ketevan Kvaratskheliya

03 September 2019 11:34