Public Figures Promote Ajara

The Department of Tourism and Resorts of Ajara has launched an online campaign ‘Choose Georgia, Choose Ajara’, aiming to boost the domestic tourism across the country and bringing together 15 Georgian public figures, including musicians, actors, photographers and more. Within the scope of the initiative, the participants recall their memories related to the resorts of Ajara, share their emotions and call on public to spend their holidays in the region of Ajara.

#ChooseGeorgia is the main message of the campaign, changing in accordance with the tourist destinations of Ajara and characters. While Batumi is the city of unforgettable memories for the director Levan Tsuladze, it represents a source of imagination for the writer Dato Turashvili, whereas the actress Ia Sukhitashvili has spent the best years of her life in this city. Aside Batumi, the participants of the project also speak about Mtirala National Park, Kobuleti, Kvariati, Mtsvane Kontskhi (Green Cape), as well as Chakvi.

“This year, our region is in need of especial support of domestic tourists. That is why, through this campaign we call on everyone to choose Georgia, the resorts of the region of Ajara in particular, for their travel and holidays. We have launched very warm and emotional video clips, where each character recalls their positive memories related to Ajara. Traveling is one of the major source for obtaining pleasant emotions. Through its diverse sea and mountain tourist products, the region of Ajara is certainly outstanding with this regards,” states Tinatin Zoidze, Chairperson of the Ajara Tourism Department. 

  • Nikoloz Tsulukidze - #ChooseMtirala
  • Levan Tsuladze - #ChooseBatumi
  • Gaga Chikhladze - #ChooseKobuleti
  • Dato Turashvili - #ChooseBatumi
  • Zurab Shevaednadze - #ChooseMtsvaneKontskhi
  • Ia Sukhitashvili - #ChooseBatumi
  • Ruska Makashvili - #ChooseBatumi
  • Nuki Koshkelishvili - #ChooseBatumi
  • Nikoloz Rachveli - #ChooseChakvi

10 out of 15 video clips have already been introduced to social media users, whereas the rest of episodes will be published in social networks by the end of August. They include the addressing of Berdia Kutubidze, PR manager and show host of the Batumi Dolphinarium; Tornike Kverenchkhiladze, TV host; Tamta Shedania, model; photographers Goga Chanadiri and Mari Nakani.


Translated by Ketevan Kvaratskheliya

27 August 2019 16:50