Control Toughened on Hunting

This year, the hunting season kicked off on August 24 and is to continue until February 29, 2020, reports the State Sub-Agency Department of Environmental Supervision, noting that in order to prevent illegal hunting and infringement of relevant laws, the employees of the Department will carry out 24/7 intensified control procedures across the entire country.

For hunting passage birds, it is obligatory to introduce an original copy of the payment of the established 10 GEL tax, as well as the official license of the relevant department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia with the right to keep and carry a hunting gun.

When hunting, it is prohibited to: burn fences, collect/sell the eggs of wild birds, and destroy the shelters of birds and animals. There are also a number of restrictions on the means of hunting.

In addition, it is forbidden to hunt within the administrative borders of the cities of Georgia, national parks, nature reserves and their surroundings. 

By Ketevan Kvaratskheliya

27 August 2019 14:40