PM Bakhtadze Meets Alexander Lukashenko

PM Bakhtadze and the President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko met in Minsk today, on August 23. Supporting Georgia’s territorial unity and sovereignty is the principal position that Belarus withstands; affirmed Lukashenko during the meeting.

Lukashenko emphasized that Belarus holds similar sentiments over other countries. “This could happen to any country and it is out-of-tolerance,“ said the President of Belarus. This quote from Lukashenko followed the gratitude that Bakhtadze expressed for supporting Georgia, its territorial unity and sovereignty. PM Mamuka Bakhtdze noted, quite rightfully, that Georgian people will never forget Belarusians outspoken support.

The heads of the two countries also talked about economic prospects and the way the bilateral relationship can be improved.

“Some time ago we started from zero and could not imagine how we could trade with Georgia due to the issues with the Russian Federation and other things. However, in a few years, we learned how to trade, and we see prospects,” Lukashenko stated. The Belarus President assured that to benefit both, Georgian and Belarusian people, the friendship and economic partnership between the countries will be deepened.  

Davit Zalkaliani, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia, is accompanying PM Bakhtadze to his first official visit in Belarus. Zalkaliani reported, the trade turnover between Georgia and Belarus is increasing every year and revealed on his Twitter page that during the visit, they will discuss ways to “boost trade and implement economic projects between the two countries”.

PM Bakhtadze, as a part of his official visit, held separate meetings with Prime Minister of Belarus, Sergei Roumas and Chairman of the House of Representatives Vladimir Andreichenko.

Belarus and Georgia celebrated 25 years of diplomatic relations in January, as reported by the Chairman of the House of Representatives. “We must admit that our good relations have much deeper roots. The relations are based on friendship, mutual understanding, and trust,” said Vladimir Andreichenko. (Source)

By Nini Dakhundaridze


23 August 2019 20:24