Car-Sharing Service Kicks Off in Batumi

After the capital Tbilisi, from August 22, an electric car-sharing service began in Georgia’s Black Sea coastal city of Batumi.

The service is operated by AiCar Corp under the industrial holding AiGroup, which brings together AiCar, AiEnergy, AiPower and AiProduction. The industrial holding focuses on environmentally friendly projects and gives them top priority.

AiCar entered Batumi with 20 electric cars, while AiEnergy has already installed eight charging stations in the vicinity of Batumi Railway Station and two in Kobuleti. The number of such stations is to be increased. AiEnergy creates a network of smart urban charging stations for electric transport in order to improve the urban infrastructure and adjust it to the emerging requirements for electric vehicles.

At the presentation of a project by AiCar Corp in Batumi on August 21, Head of Ajara Government Tornike Rizhvadze delivered a speech, noting that AiCar had brought 20 Renault Zoe model electric cars to Batumi. He also highlighted the number of Green Economy projects underway.

“This is the economy of the future,” he said. “This is the economy that, using the potential of our country to the end, makes the lives of our citizens even better. I would like to thank the company representatives, the City Hall, and the Prime Minister for his support.”

Mamuka Bakhtadze, Prime Minister of Georgia, at the presentation on Wednesday said he welcomes the fact the service has also been introduced in Batumi and noted the plan to launch the project in other cities and towns throughout Georgia.

He also spoke about the importance of eco-friendly transport and the Green Economy concept which he presented last summer.

"Our declared priority is a Green Economy, which leads to the main goal to overcome the most pressing challenge faced by our population - poverty. We are oriented towards implementing such projects that will help us attain this most important goal,” he said.

Bakhtadze mentioned the electric car manufacturing plant which is being built in Kutaisi, West Georgia, adding that production will also be exported to the European Union, in parallel with supplying the local market.

“We are transforming into an exporter country of high-tech commodity, something unimaginable some years ago,” he said.

The PM thanked AiCar and AiGroup for implementing such innovative projects in the country.

“This is a company that will carry out the most ambitious project since the country regained its independence - construction of an electric car manufacturing plant in Kutaisi. This enterprise will be something to boast about in the 21st century. I am particularly thrilled that our citizens will be able to benefit from electric cars manufactured in Georgia from 2020. Moreover, this enterprise is destined to manufacture electric cars with the first ever design made in Georgia and it will be a truly unique outcome," he noted.

Car-sharing is aimed at developing a system of public electric transport that offers short-term rental of electric 1,2 and 4-seater vehicles. Cars with keys in the lock are parked all over the city awaiting drivers. To rent a car, customers need only download the app AiCar and enjoy the service.

All the vehicles under the project are equipped with validators, a monitoring system, all modern security systems, navigation system, a video recording system, and come fully integrated with iOS and Android mobile applications.

Car-sharing is said to be the future of urban transport in Georgia. The mission of AiCar is to provide residents and guests of Georgia with the most ecological, innovative and comfortable alternative to a taxi or personal car.

By Thea Morrison

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22 August 2019 16:44