Court Orders 500 000 GEL Bail for Businesswoman Laura Ghachava

The Tbilisi City Court partially upheld the motion of the Investigation Service of the Ministry of Finance and ordered 40,000 GEL bail for businesswoman Laura Ghachava. 

Additionally, the Court banned Ghachava from leaving the country without warning the investigation bodies.

The investigation against Ghachava is underway under Article 210, Part 2 of the Criminal Code of Georgia, which envisages 4 to 7 years imprisonment.

The Investigation Service launched a criminal case against Georgian businesswoman Laura Ghachava. The Deputy Head of the Investigation Service, Vazha Panozashvili, made the relevant statement at a special briefing on August 21, saying Ghachava is accused of using counterfeit assets and damaging the state budget by GEL 2,160.955.

At the same time, the media reported that the opening of a new TV Company “Main Channel” established by former Director-General of Rustavi 2 TV Company Nika Gvaramia was planned in one of the commercial buildings owned by Laura Ghachava.

Ghachava denies the reports that she sold space to Nika Gvaramia for the new channel.

Gvaramia refuses to comment at this stage, saying he would only speak about the issue after Laura Ghachava's explanations.

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By Ana Dumbadze 

22 August 2019 16:27