Lennon Evening at Mziuri Café

Mziuri Café has a great upcoming event for the fans of John Lennon and his music.

“If your heartbeat gets faster or skips a beat when you’re listening to Lennon’s music and if you think the world has had only a few musicians as great as him, you should not miss the Lennon evening at Mziuri Café,” reads the Facebook page of the event.

Mziuri Café will host Lennon Evening tomorrow, August 22, from 19:00. The event also features a book presentation. The book titled “John Lennon” was published under the scope of ’50 people – they have created history’ project. The author, Temur Tonia, will present the book himself.

The musical band “Nali” will revive Lennon’s songs for the audience.

By Nini Dakhundaridze


21 August 2019 18:32