Touristic Spots Trading in Ruble in Georgian Territories

The association of investigator journalists “Here’s the Fact” (აი, ფაქტი <ai, fakti> in Georgian) spreads the information that some small hotels and restaurants accept Ruble in exchange of their service. These touristic spots located near the road of Kazbegi-Pasanauri, are mainly focused on tourists. 

The association experimented at 2 different hotels and 3 cafes and found out that these organizations trade in Ruble. “Here’s the Fact” has also reported that the tourists, on their part, have confirmed the abovementioned information.

Georgian National Bank rules that Georgian Lari is the only acceptable currency for trade within the country’s borders, except the free industrial zones, free trade spots and/or pre-approved cases by the Georgian National Bank. If violated, individuals will be fined 200 GEL and legal entities will be fined 400 GEL.  

The investigator journalists association informed Monitoring Team of Revenue Service, a branch responsible for the abovementioned. Reportedly, the officials have yet to answer “Here’s the Fact” and the public.

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By Nini Dakhundaridze


20 August 2019 20:30