Tskhinvali Dislikes Criticism over Resuming Borderization

Murat Jioev, a special representative of the de facto President of occupied Tskhinvali region for the settlement of post-conflict issues, has responded to the criticism of the official Tbilisi and international society regarding resuming the illegal process of borderization on Georgian territory.

As Jioev told representatives of local media, the moves made by Georgian side in relation to installing barbed fences in the Village of Gugutiantkari, Gori Municipality, is just the "well-planned performance, which represents information warfare against their republic and Russian-Ossetian relations”.

As stated by him, “all these actions are aimed at attracting the attention of the international community towards Georgia”.

Jioev also added that they will continue marking the borders unilaterally, as long as “Georgian side refuses to cooperate in this direction”.

Russian troops started erecting artificial barriers on August 7 in the village of Gugutiantkari, Gori Municipality.

The international community has responded to the mentioned process along with the Georgian authorities.

NATO Deputy Assistant Secretary-General for Political Affairs and NATO Secretary General’s Special Representative for the Caucasus and Central Asia James Appathurai has responded to the 'border' erection and stated all this is illegal.

“The Russian-backed de-facto authorities in the South Ossetian region of Georgia have resumed installing and moving fences at the Georgian village of Gugatiankari. This creates further hardship by cutting people off from their land and their families and friends. It is also illegal. NATO has continued to call for these activities to end and to be reversed. NATO recognizes Georgia with its internationally recognized borders”, James Appathurai stated.

Photo: Artificial barriers in the village of Gugutiantkari

Photo Source: Foreign Ministry of Georgia 

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By Ana Dumbadze 

20 August 2019 13:06