Georgian Map-Shaped Street Signs on Giorgi Antsukhelidze Street

Giorgi Antsukhelidze Street in Batumi now has street signs that are shaped like Georgian map. 
Giorgi Antsukhelidze is a National hero. A Street in Batumi honoring and bearing his name opened last year. However, street signs in the shape of Georgian map have been attached recently. On August 18 – the date of birth of the National hero – Batumi Mayor, Lasha Komakhidze attached the signs with the street habitants.

Born in 1984, in the village of Alvani, Kakheti, Giorgi joined the Georgian Armed Forces in 2001. He then served in various units of the Georgian infantry headquartered at Senaki and Vaziani. Junior Sergeant Antsukhelidze served as an assistant gunner in the 41st Battalion of the 4th Infantry Brigade during the Russia–Georgian war of August 2008. He went missing on August 9, 2008, during the battle of Tskhinvali as the Georgian forces were advancing into the Shanghai district of Tskhinvali. In January 2009 a video recording emerged that showed soldiers in the South Ossetian uniforms torturing a captured Georgian soldier. It was later identified, that the loyal Georgian soldier was Giorgi Antsukhelidze. Ossetian Separatists soon killed Antskhulidze near #5 Public School of Tskhinvali, as it turned impossible to break him.  Giorgi was buried at the fraternal cemetery of Georgian soldiers at Mukhatgverdi near Tbilisi.
“With this small gesture, we once again show our deep sorrow, regret, and respect for those who sacrificed their lives for our country,” said the Batumi Mayor at the opening ceremony.

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By Nini Dakhundaridze


20 August 2019 12:38