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TMT is to launch on the Californian market, a natural oil brand produced by the Sighnaghi Company in accordance with traditional methods. Founder Zurab Uchumbegashvili says that test batches of the product, 1000 bottles, have already been sent to the USA. This is the second line of the company. The first exports took place under the Mikho Papa brand name three year ago, launching in California, New York and Washington. Aside from the USA, the company’s products are currently exported to Israel, the Czech Republic and Germany. Along with oil, the company also has a cannery which has successfully assimilated the same markets. It is to start exporting jams, confiture, compotes and condiments in autumn.

History 1902

History 1902 is the name of a wine restaurant with a new concept, set to welcome its first guests from September with a signature menu based on Georgian motives. Tina Vashakidze and Ia Dzagania, participants of the popular gastronomic show Masterchef (Ia won!), founded the restaurant with filmmaker Giorgi Ovashvili. Ia and Tina worked together on launching the brand Amochame, which offers diverse pepper and onion confiture. The ladies visited a 19th-century wine cellar where the French Ambassador to Georgia has been holding meetings since 1902, and were so impressed, it led them to the idea of founding a restaurant. Six months later, their vision came to fruition.


Mzetamze, a bread-producing company which uses Georgian wheat varieties, has a pleasant novelty for customers in the launch of a new line of rye bread called Chvia. Through the synthesis of ancient baking traditions and modern recipes, five new bread types are to be added to the enterprise: malt, sesame, sunflower, caraway and oat flake. Currently, Mzetamze is producing nearly 20 different bread varieties. The major aim of the company is to preserve and develop Georgian wheat varieties and the country’s bread-baking traditions.

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19 August 2019 17:04