Lifeguards Save Six on Black Sea Coast

Lifeguards of the Emergency Management Service of Georgia’s Interior Ministry have saved six people with the help of a drone on the Black Sea coast today.

A magnitude 3-4 storm is raging in the Black Sea, in Georgia's Ajara, Guria and Samegrelo regions.

ESMS warns holidaymakers not to go into the water. According to the service, swimming is prohibited. Red flags have been raised along the coast. 

The ESMS warns holidaymakers about the emergency situation and recommends them to follow the instructions of lifeguards and not to swim into the water.

Swimming will be allowed after white flags are raised. 

Earlier in August, lifeguards saved a 29-year-old local man from drowning in Makhinjauri, near Batumi during the storm. 

Watch the video here 

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By Ana Dumbadze 

19 August 2019 16:22