Roman Festival 2019

On August 20-21, Gonio Fortress is to host the Roman Festival 2019, organized by the Cultural Heritage Preservation Agency of Ajara. Within the scope of the event, guests will have an opportunity to discover the especially arranged roman camp presented with all the necessary armaments and equipment. Various items related to the lifestyle of Roman legionnaires will also be introduced to the visitors.

A market, bringing together a wide range of products, including ceramic items and folk crafts, is also to be launched within the framework of the 2-day festival. Visitors will be able to enjoy pottery and wood masterclasses, as well as various theatrical performances, including “Gladiator Battles”.

The Gonio Cup tournament will also be held in three different sports: Georgian wrestling, archery and horse-riding.

Promotion of museums and reviving the ancient traditions, taking place in Gonio Fortress centuries ago, represent the main goals of the Roman Festival.



Translated by Ketevan Kvaratskheliya

19 August 2019 16:01