Vehicles of Detained Citizens Handed Over to Georgian Side

The vehicles owned by Georgian citizens detained by Russian occupation forces on charges of crossing so-called “border” near the village of Akhalubani have been handed over to Georgian law enforcers.

Three cars were found on the territory controlled by the de facto regime, near the Saint George temple located in the vicinity of the occupation line.

8 citizens of Georgia were detained by Russian occupation forces, near the mentioned temple, on charges of crossing so-called “border” on August 17. 

As reported by the State Security Service, the detained were taken to a Tskhinvali isolator.

Foreign Ministry spokesperson Vladimir Konstantinidi said that the Georgian side has activated a hotline and informed co-chairs of the Geneva international discussions; he also noted that the EU Monitoring Mission had been involved in the process.

At this stage, it is unknown when the detainees will be released from custody.

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By Ana Dumbadze 

19 August 2019 11:05