Murat Jioevi on the 'Bordarization'

Murat Jioev, a special representative of the de facto president of occupied Tskhinvali region "for the settlement of post-conflict issues," has commented on the Georgian officials’ response to the recent developments in Gugutianktari, calling it a “publicity for the West."

Jioev reported to the agency ‘RES’ that the MFA of Georgia is falsely accusing Russian troops of illegal “borderization” and in doing so they are trying to unconscientiously represent as Russians occupying South Ossetia. 

Murat Jioev claimed that: “Bordering soldiers of South Ossetia are marking a state border with Georgia by building fences,” and hence, "Russian troops have no connection with the subject."

Jioev informed the press that the current agreement between South Ossetia and Russia established that the only function of Russian troops on this land is “ensuring the defense of the state border”. Contrary to any other source regarding the Gugutianktakri developments, Jioev reported that, “the South Ossetian border guards respect the interests of the locals and do not cross Georgian territories, not even for a meter.”


 By Nini Dakhundaride

16 August 2019 18:34