The August War Movie Deleted from Imedi's Facebook Page

TV Channel ‘Imedi’ deleted their movie about the August War from their Facebook page. The initiative of movie’s deletion, as confirmed, came from Teona Gegelia, the lead editor of Imedinews.

Recently, the movie has become a subject of wide interest and critique. 

Before the erasure, the journalists of Imedi TV Channel and Imedinews had expressed their protest about the August war movie that Imedi aired on thei social media pages.  

“The version shown in the movie, of Russian troops’ illegal entering Georgia’s territories, is unacceptable. And the reportages we have prepared covering the August War, throughout all these years, confirms our unacceptability,” reads the posts of the journalists from Imedinews and TV Channel Imedi.

The deputy director-general of the Tv channel and the film’s producer, Nikoloz Laliashvili, has a different perspective. He claims that the movie about the August War was very interesting in nature and aired at perfect timing. The directorship of the TV channel never protested the movie, reports Laliashvili.

The controversial movie titled “ We will win the war, started by others, with peace” aired on August 11. Two days later, on August 13, the media critique platform “Mediachecker” ( publically offered a response to the movie.
“Evading lots of important facts, manipulation and disinformation are the main themes of the 40-minute-long movie called ‘We Will Win the War, Started by Others, with Peace’”, read the post of Mediachecker.

 The film can still be viewed on the Youtube channel of Imedi. 

By Nini Dakhundaridze

16 August 2019 11:35