Khazaradze Promises New House for Gugutiantkari Family

Mamuka Khazaradze, the founder of JSC TBC Bank, who recently announced the establishment of a new public movement from September, took to social media to promise to build a new house for Givi Razmadze, a resident of Gugutianthkari, whose house has fallen beyond the occupation line as Russian troops set up artificial barriers and barbed wire fences there as a form of so-called border a few days ago. 

“Today, the families from Gugutiantkari lost their homes, a village which has already been added to the 20% of Georgia's occupied territories.

"These families must live on their land again. It is our duty to support them. Therefore, Givi Razmadze's family will have a new house in Gugutiantkari within a month. Additionally, I would like to call on Georgian business to help and support the people living there.

"We will win this war, Georgia will be reunited!” reads Khazaradze's statement.

The situation remains tense in Gugutiantkari, a village of the Gori Municipality where the illegal process of borderization periodically resumes there.

Occupying forces gave the families of Razmadze and Gugutishvili a three-day deadline to remove their possessions from the houses damaged during the war in the village of Gugutiantkari.

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By Ana Dumbadze 

16 August 2019 12:05