Families Forced to Abandon their Houses in Gugutiantkari

The situation remains tense in Gugutiantkari, a village of the Gori Municipality, where Russian troops set up artificial barriers and barbed wire fences as a form of so-called border a few days ago. The process resumes periodically.

Occupying forces gave the families of Razmadze and Gugutishvili a three-day deadline to remove their items from their houses damaged during the war in the village of Gugutiantkari. The residents of the village have already started to remove the metal railing and other metal structures from the house.

As the owners of the houses say, they have not been able to use their houses and land since the August 2008 War between Russia and Georgia. They received compensation for the loss of their houses, yet, they still hoped that one day they would be able to return.

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By Ana Dumbadze 

16 August 2019 10:43