Head of National Wine Agency on Vintage 2019

Levan Mekhuzla, Head of the National Wine Agency of Georgia, announced the start of working of the Vintage 2019 Coordination Staff at the briefing held earlier today. Mekhuzla briefed about the preparation process and expectations for the upcoming vintage.

The Head of the Agency noted that due to the recent political developments in Georgia and possible sanctions that may be applied by the Russian Federation in terms of the wine exports, the field may face a number of challenges. He also added, that various negative expectation arose recently and may lead to the decline in the engagement of winemakers in this year’s vintage.

“However, despite challenges, the National Wine Agency is maximally mobilized to help viticulturists eradicate any problems related to the grape processing and ensure holding the Vintage 2019 without any disruptions,” said Levan Mekhuzla.



By Ketevan Kvaratskheliya

15 August 2019 15:44