Cultural Heritage Preservation Agency Responds to Protests in Ushguli

National Agency for Cultural Heritage Preservation of Georgia has responded to the recent developments in Ushguli community, where the local residents were demanding the rehabilitation of a number of historic towers, the conditions of which are reportedly alarming.

In the statement released by the Agency, it is noted that the state department does not agree with the protests of the locals and after the government’s decision to set the preservation of the architectural buildings of Svaneti as one of the major priority, followed by implementation of a relevant rehabilitation program, dissatisfaction of the residents of the community is illogical and unfounded.

It is also said in the statement that aside the revival of nearly 80 towers in a number of villages of Mestia over the past few years, the National Agency is to continue and even expand the rehabilitation process, leading to the preservation of the a greater number of historic buildings, including towers, architectural complexes and churches. In addition, within the framework of the state program, the joint project of the World Bank and Municipal Development Fund of Georgia will also kick off this year, envisaging the full-scale rehabilitation of two villages of Ushguli.


By Ketevan Kvaratskheliya

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13 August 2019 12:36