2610 Vouchers Given to Taxi Drivers to Paint their Cars

Currently, 31 784 drivers are licensed to drive taxis in Tbilisi; the latest data suggests that 2610 of them have taken vouchers to paint their cars white.

Giorgi Trapaidze, the director LTD “Almas”, the winner of the bidding for the corresponding service, says as of August 7, 994 vouchers had been cashed.
“August 10 was the deadline for issuing vouchers for painting taxi vehicles. Vuchers for free cleaning services can still be given out. The latter, along with the cashing of issued vouchers, will carry on until October. As of August 10, 2610 car-repainting vouchers were given out,” said Trapaidze.

October 1 will mark the beginning of the second phase of the taxi reform – starting from October 1, all taxi drivers must own a taxi license, and their vehicles must be left-hand drive, white, five-door cars that have successfully passed technical checks. 

Image: vectorstock.com
By Nini Dakhundaridze

13 August 2019 11:50