Tourism 2020 – Not Only Nature and Gastronomy

The Israel-Georgia Chamber of Business and the Israeli House continue promotion the tourism potential of Georgia. Within the scope of this campaign, a group of Israeli journalists is visiting Tbilisi, to prepare a special report on Georgia. The show is called ‘The Best in the World’.

Itsik Moshe, President of the Israel-Georgia Chamber of Business and Chair of the Israeli House has stated that through the special activities, the Israeli tourist inflow in Georgia is expected to increase by 30% and reach 200,000 this year. Next year, along with the nature and gastronomy of Georgia, much focus will be put on the rich culture, as the country’s potential is outstanding also in this field. This is to be a completely new direction and will attract tourists with higher payment capabilities. Itsik Moshe notes that aside from Israelis, the segment of world Jewry is also important, as its representatives are interested in cultural heritage in general. Georgia is interesting for them with this regards, as the Israeli House, under the aegis of the Council of Europe has been carrying out the certified tours of Jewish cultural heritage for already three years. In addition, the Israeli House tries to bring to Georgia some of the international forums related to Israel, which will augment the inflow of tourists with higher payment capabilities and promote the country at the same time.

With the aim of the promotion of the business and tourism potential of Georgia, the Israel-Georgia Chamber of Business and the Israeli House will work more actively with the leading Israeli media in 2020. Itsik Moshe believes that in order to attract tourists with higher payment capabilities, it is vital to launch promotion campaigns with the participation of the Georgian government. The media tours will also be planned.


Translated by Ketevan Kvaratskheliya

12 August 2019 17:41