Keti Davlianidze’s Abkhazia at Georgian Museum of Fine Arts

The Georgian Museum of Fine Arts is to present an exhibition, Keti Davlianidze's Abkhazia. The Abkhazia-themed exposition with an anti-occupation emphasis is symbolically dedicated to the 11th anniversary of the August 2008 war.

The author has personal links (history and home) to Abkhazia. Re-living landscapes and emotions through colors is seen as a way for the artist to return her share of Abkhazia.

Keti Davlianidze's exhibition opened in the museum's temporary exhibit hall on August 7 and will continue until August 14.

The audio-video installation, which is part of the exhibition, aims to awaken forgotten emotions, to overcome indifference and apathy, reminding viewers them of long-forgotten, artificially repressed feelings. The video-installation shows the meeting of passers-by and works, reactions to this act, emotions. The purpose of video-art is to stop viewers feeling indifferent and to remember what we do not see, what we mustn’t forget, and that which is, at the same time, also an integral part of us.

The exhibition features paintings: Bichvinta, Sukhumi Boulevard, Ritsa Lake, Gagripshi, View of Sukhumi, and Gulripshi.

Keti Davlianidze – oil painter, graphic artist, film artist

Born on August 30, 1976 in Tbilisi, from 1993-1998 she studied at the Department of Easel-Graphic Art at the Tbilisi Art Academy. She also studied at the Karaman Kutateladze studio and in 1998, at Sergo Kobuladze's workshop.

In the process of studying the artistic traditions of contemporary Western oil painting, and seeking her own language of expression, Davlianidze’s passion for abstract expressionism is essential. Synthesized with various stylistic elements, the compositions performed by "pouring" and graphic drawing are expressive. Her stylistic diversity indicates the artist's inquisitive nature. The derivation of time, the instability of human beings in the modern world - this is the expression of Davlianidze's oil paintings and graphics. The artist creates her own model of the world with the style of conventional imagery and artistic deformation and with the symbolism of items and the graphic techniques of performance.


2019 - Personal exhibition, Hotel Stamba

2018 - Personal exhibition, Vere Gallery

2016 - Personal exhibition, gallery "Sfumato"

2016 - "Alternate Walls", Checano, Italy

2015 - Tbilisi MediaTek Union

2013 - Gallery "Artarea"

2010 - Tbilisi Auction House

2009 - TBC Bank Exhibition Hall

2007 - Personal exhibition at the US Embassy

2007 - Personal Exhibition, Gallery "Hobby"

2005 - Personal exhibition, Nikoloz Baratashvili Museum

2004 - Spring Group Exhibition, Gallery "Hobby"

2000 - 80th Anniversary of State Academy of Arts, National of Georgia


1999 - Tbilisi History Museum, Karvasla

1995 - Gallery of Contemporary Art.

Keti Davlianidze’s works are preserved at the Georgian Museum of Fine Arts and in private collections in Russia (Moscow), Spain (Barcelona), Germany (Berlin, Dusseldorf), and the US (Washington, New York, Atlanta).

By Mariam Merabishvili

12 August 2019 16:10