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Work from Georgia

The ‘Work from Georgia’ platform is the first ever Georgian virtual platform for digital nomads: individuals who travel and work at the same time. The platform enables Georgian and foreign companies and startups to share their workspace free of charge and so support the development of Georgian tourism. The idea came from the BetterFly advertising agency. Virtual, common workspace www.workfromgeorgia.com is a free platform that any company, from small startup to major corporation, can register on. Travelers from any country will also have an opportunity to book a workspace and stay there. The founders believe that through united forces, this incentive will take Georgian hospitality to a totally new level.



www.Tradewithgeorgia.com is a new digital catalog enabling Georgian businesspersons and entrepreneurs to present more information about their products to reach wider audiences. Promotion of the innovative platform is taking place within the framework of the project GEclose2EU, jointly launched by the Economic Policy Research Center (EPRC) and Enterprise Georgia Agency. The project is aimed at supporting SMEs, increasing their popularity on the European market and creating new opportunities for internationalization.


AE Solar

AE Solar, a solar panel producer, was recently launched in the Free Industrial Zone of Kutaisi. A number of countries across three continents, Europe (EU members), the USA and Asia, are to be supplied with solar panels produced in Kutaisi. Sprawled across 16,000 sq.m., the enterprise plans to generate solar panels of 500 MW capacity annually. The production process is supervised by German engineers and technicians. Through the high-quality products and services, AE Solar is among the leaders of the renewable energy industry. Within the scope of the Free Trade Agreement, solar panels will be distributed from Kutaisi to the European market at the first stage.

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12 August 2019 15:56