Kitsmarishvili’s Wife Files Lawsuit for Rustavi 2 Shares

Ia Kitsmarishvili, a spouse of Rustavi 2 TV co-founder Erosi Kitsmarishvili, filed a lawsuit to the Tbilisi City Court today, requesting 30% of the TV company shares.

As Kitsmarishvili claims, Erosi himself applied to the court earlier in 2009 with the same demand, however, the court did not satisfy the request.

As she said, the reality is different now, as the TV Company has a new owner and she has full right to demand the shares.

Ia Kitsmarishvili does not exclude the possibility of demanding the seizure of Rustavi 2 TV Company and suspending the sale of shares until the dispute is over.

According to her, Kibar Khalvashi, the current owner of 100% of Rustavi 2 shares, plans to sell the TV channel, therefore Kitsmarishvili calls on him and potential buyers not to take any specific decision until the court trials are completed.

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By Ana Dumbadze 

12 August 2019 14:40