Kibar Khalvashi Plans to Sell Rustavi 2

Kibar Khalvashi, the current owner of 100% shares of Rustavi 2, says he plans to sell the TV Company through a transparent contest.

“Almost one month passed since I was returned the TV Company Rustavi 2 as a result of many years of legal disputes," Khalvashi stated.

"Of course, from the beginning, I saw that the former CEO of the company, Nika Gvaramia, to whom Rustavi 2 was only an instrument of political struggle, did not manage the company in good faith. Then it turns out he was practically robbing the company.

"Today, the former CEO of the channel is openly threatening that he will destroy the company. I am sure that was his interest from the very beginning.

"I can state with full responsibility that the broadcasting company Rustavi 2 was in catastrophic conditions for several years under the management of Nika Gvaramia. Its credit debt is approaching GEL 70,000,000, of which only GEL 27,000,000 is owed by the state budget. Rustavi 2 has a debt to almost everyone," he claimed.

"Unfortunately, my finances are not enough to pull the company out of its deep crisis. Therefore, I would like to say openly that I am ready to talk to any interested person who will buy Rustavi 2,and help to get it out of the crisis and become a successful company. 

"The only one I am not going to talk to is Mikheil Saakashvili, the former informal owner and manager of Rustavi 2.

"I decided to sell Rustavi 2 through a transparent competition to those who will pay the highest price. Considering that the company is facing a severe financial crisis, the competition must be completed in a week. At the same time, in order to avoid political or other manipulations, I will speak only to those who prove their intentions, which may be a bank guarantee or a deposit of at least $1,000,000 into a special contest account. 

"Anyone wishing to respond to my proposal will be obliged to express their position publicly, after which I will be ready to discuss. I hope Rustavi 2 will become a successful company again! Until then, we continue to work to overcome the current problems and solve first-rate issues,” Khalvashi concluded.

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By Ana Dumbadze

12 August 2019 13:30