Rally Underway in Ergneti on 11th Anniversary of August War

Members of the political party European Georgia, civil activists and youth are holding a rally in Ergneti, a village in Eastern Georgia, in the Gori Municipality of Shida Kartli, on the 11th anniversary of the 2008 Russia-Georgia War, also known as the August War.

The rally is aimed at expressing protest against the Russian occupation. As stated by the organizers, with this rally they also want to call on the EU member states to implement a more effective policy against the Russian occupation.

Another aim of the rally is to remind young people of the story of the heroes who fought for Georgia's independence.

This year marks the 11th anniversary of the Russia-Georgia war when the Russian Federation invaded the country and occupied two Georgian regions, Abkhazia and Tskhinvali, so-called South Ossetia. 

August 7, 2008, is one of the most tragic dates in the modern history of Georgia. The war lasted five days (7–12 August).

228 civilians, 170 military officers, and 14 police officers lost their lives in the war, while 1747 people were wounded. Almost 150 thousand people were forced to leave their homes, 30,000 of which still remain as IDPs. Five soldiers also went missing. 

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By Ana Dumbadze 

07 August 2019 13:00
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