Red Cross Society Georgia Offers First Aid Training for Media Reps

On July 25, the Tbilisi Marriott Hotel hosted the representatives of different media platforms for a First Aid Training hosted by the Red Cross Society Georgia. At the four- hour training session, members of the Georgian branch of the Red Cross Society offered an interesting synthesis of theoretical lecture and practical tasks.

The first part of the training was devoted to a brief overview of the meaning of first aid and its crucial importance in saving lives, all presented in a way easily comprehensible to the inexperienced but eager audience.

The instructor provided the attendees will significant information, much contributing to their preparation for the unexpected in their busy everyday lives. The training covered tips for first aid for both adults and babies, thus preventing mistakes being made related to age and body strength. A lot of focus was put on the importance of appropriate application of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). In order to fully understand the sense of the training, all the media reps were given an opportunity to participate in case studies and, with the help of the trainer, to try out CPR on manikins of an adult and child.

The training also covered first aid in the case of burns, convulsion, spasms and more, also explained through practical tasks, with the media guests as participants.

Along with the thorough theoretical information, the training enabled the attendees to share their personal experience in various cases and obtain relevant responses from an expert in the field to questions of their interest.

At the end of the incredibly interesting and useful First Aid Training, all the guests were given symbolic gifts from the Red Cross Society Georgia.

By Ketevan Kvaratskheliya

01 August 2019 17:50