Zonal Hourly Parking Launched in Tbilisi

From August 1, car drivers in Tbilisi will have to pay an hourly fee for parking, a pilot project that has first been launched on Kote Abkhazi (former Leselidze Street in Old Tbilisi) and nearby streets.

The parking fee is 1 GEL (Lari) per hour.

As Tbilisi Mayor Kakhal Kaladze said at the sitting of the municipal government Wednesday, the employees of Tbilisi Transport Company will provide citizens with consultation about payment for parking.

Kaladze also added that the zonal hourly parking will be introduced in various districts of Tbilisi stage by stage.

“From August 1, we are starting the implementation of an important pilot project – zonal hourly parking. It will first be piloted on Kote Abkhazi and nearby streets. Additionally, I would like to remind citizens that a special application is already available on all smartphones, which you can download and use to make payment,” the Mayor said.

The ‘zonal parking’ mode is new for Tbilisi and will allow the Tbilisi municipality to regulate traffic flow in the city.

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By Ana Dumbadze 


01 August 2019 10:33