Biennale Art 2019 & Georgian Artist Anna K.E.

Venice, Italy, is in the spotlight once again for its annual Biennale Art Exhibition. The 58th edition, in 2019, titled ‘May You Live in Interesting Times,’ is on from May 11 to 24 November. One of the most prominent and important exhibitions in the art world, it is curated by Ralph Rugoff, organized by La Biennale di Venezia, and chaired by Paolo Baratta. The central international exhibition is located in two separate points: at the Giardini and Arsenale (parts of Venice) and encompasses participants from 79 countries.

The Biennale 2019 presents contemporary artworks in huge pavilions, devoting increased attention to learning activities and innovations from youngsters. Exhibits for Biennale 2019 include art, architecture, cinema, dance, music, theater, and historical archives. Artists from 79 countries are presenting their illustrations, paintings, drawings, sculptures, immersive illustrations, videos, designs, innovative technologies, modernized old goods, and more.

The Venice Biennale is very important for Georgians because among those 79 countries, Georgian artist Anna K.E. was chosen to represent Georgia this year. Her contemporary art presentation titled ‘RearMirrorView, Simulation is Simulation, is Simulation, is Simulation….,’ was picked for the list, alongside works for the national pavilions of Latvia, Lithuania, Serbia, Poland, Ukraine and Romania, each of which boast a truly distinct context. Anna K.E presents a new large-scale architectural environment, which encompasses her work in video, sculpture, performance and installation.

Anna K.E.’s videos, illustration and sculpture are based on the original Georgian alphabet, Asomtavruli. Water circulates through the letters, which spell in English the word “deranged,” referring to something that has become disturbed, irrational or unstable. Her works remind us of the fundamental idiosyncrasies we share which keep us human. The two-part work is formed with a combination of different colors and levels and generates a pleasant mood in visitors. The artist’s dedication, Georgian spirit and professionalism are clearly seen. The Georgian work is one of the most exclusive among the whole exhibition and has grabbed many a visitor eye so far.

The history of modernism, feminism and technologies can also be seen in Tbilisi-born Anna K.E.’s work, which has already been shown in New-York at the Queens Museum and Simone Subal Gallery.

By Mariam Merabishvili

18 July 2019 18:58