Events Launched by Origami Company

Apresentation and the first event of the event company Origami was held at Silk Factory Studio on May 3, seeing Artbat and Marc Romboy among the major headliners there who brought together over 2,000 listeners. Georgian performers Gio Shengelia and 9EYE also took to the stage at the event.

The Origami Company is actively cooperating with the livestream platform “Cercle”. The joint event Polo & Pan (live) is scheduled for July 20 at the Electro Carriage Building Factory. However, this is not the end of the collaboration between the two companies. Along with the Polo & Pan concert, Origami is also set to present the masterclass of “Cercle” on the same date, where the team members of the latter, Derek Barbolla and Philip Tuchman, will share their experience on event organizing and the musical industry.

The A zone, with a separate entrance and bar, will also be ready to serve at the event, ensuring maximum comfort for guests.

Aside from various events, Origami is also engaged in the charity auction #ჩვენვაშენებთთეატრს (#WeBuildTheater), which aims to support the Movement Theater and collect resources for the construction of a new theater building.

The event company Origami was launched in 2019 and plans to offer diverse events and master classes in future.

18 July 2019 18:54