Talakvadze Talking About Proportional Voting System During the US Visit

Archil Talakvadze, the Chairman of the Parliament of Georgia, continues visit in the United States on his first official trip where he underlined the importance of the decision made by the ruling team on the proportional basis of elections in 2020.

"For the first time, in the history of independent Georgia, the government has initiated a significant reform, according to which the electoral system will be fully proportionate. We made this decision for political stability and more legitimacy of the government, which lacked Georgian politics in the last decades," noted the Chairman of the Parliament.

Archil Talakvadze introduced the proportional voting system to participants of Democratic Partnership Leaders Forum of the US Congress and highlighted ongoing democratic reforms in Georgia. He said that last year's constitutional amendments are crucial for Georgian democracy.

"Now, Georgia is a parliamentary republic. It was not easy to move from a super-presidential to a more stable parliamentary republic. The previous constitutional structure was insecure and did not have the controls and balance mechanisms between the branches of the government. By constitutional reform, the role of the parliament has increased significantly, which we believe will provide a more stable, result-oriented political system in the future ", - explained the Chairman of the Parliament.

Talakvadze also drew attention to the occupation of Georgia's historical regions by the Russian Federation. According to him, our country has every day to resist the Russian attack against independence and territorial integrity.

Source: Parliament of Georgia

Image source: Parliament of Georgia

By Mariam Merabishvili

18 July 2019 15:43