Rustavi 2 Shareholder Demands Investigation of Director General’s Activities

Rustavi 2 Shareholder Nino Nizharadze, who is the owner of 9% shares of TV Channel Rustavi 2, has appealed to the Prosecutor's Office to investigate the activities of Nika Gvaramia, the Director-General of the TV Company.

As Nizharadze's lawyer explains, Gvaramia abused his official authority and made decisions which were harmful to the TV Channel.  According to the lawyer, this is even visible from the financial documents belonging to the channel.

Nizhradze's complaint refers to the relationship between R2 and advertising house Intermedia. According to Kavlashvili, the TV Company Rustavi 2 signed a contract with the advertising house on a fixed amount of money, which was not in accordance with the interests of the channel and this caused financial damage and loss to the TV company. Nizharadze's position is that Rustavi 2 is accumulating money in Intermedia deliberately.

Rustavi 2's lawyers say that the above-mentioned is untrue and the company did not see financial damage and loss while having a business relationship with Intermedia. According to them, such appeal to the Prosecutor's Office just two days before the European Court of Human Rights delivers a verdict in the broadcaster’s ownership issue is “a signature of the government”.

"It is a complete lustration without our comment," says Rustavi 2 lawyer Tamta Muradashvili.

By Ana Dumbadze 

16 July 2019 16:42