Four Detained for Participation in Group Violence on June 20-21

Four more people have been arrested by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia on charges of participating in group violence during June 20-21 protests in front of the Parliament building. The relevant statement was made by Vladimer Bortsvadze, Deputy Interior Minister, at a special briefing on July 15.

“Within the frames of the investigation, law enforcers have detained four more persons for participating in group violence. They attacked police officers using various items, resisted them and tried to forcefully enter the Parliament building,” Vladimer Bortsvadze said.

The detainees will be officially charged today for participating in group violence during the June 20-21 rally in front of the Parliament of Georgia in Tbilisi.

As announced at the briefing, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia continues “intensive” investigation into the June 20-21 developments, and the process of identification of other persons participating in group violence is still underway.

A total of 9 persons, including opposition MP Nika Melia, have been charged with organizing, heading and participating in group violence outside the Parliament building in Tbilisi on June 20-21.

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16 July 2019 10:53