Armenian Citizen Detained for Illegal Handling of Radioactive Substances

Through an investigation at the Sadakhlo border control checkpoint, it was established that Armenian citizen Militos M. had attempted the transportation of radioactive substance Thorium in four packages on a minibus traveling from Armenia to Russia via Georgia. The investigation began when a radiation detector being used at the Georgian-Armenian border picked up signs of contamination.

“The total weight of the four packages is 71.63 kg and they contain radioactive isotope Thorium 232, which belongs to category of nuclear material. The radiation dose rate on the surface of the packages amounted to 18 mcSv/h while the maximum safe dose rate is 0.5 mcSv/h. The seized substance poses life and health hazards,” noted the State Security Service (SSS) of Georgia.

The SSS detained the Armenian citizen on charges of illegal handling of radioactive substances and breach of customs regulations. Tbilisi City Court has sentenced him to pre-trial detention. He may get 5 to 10 years imprisonment as a penalty.

By Mariam Merabishvili

15 July 2019 18:14