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Meet Nika Bagalishvili, a youngster from Tsnori who has been actively engaged in bio-agriculture for the past year. Existing health problems, catalyzed by polluted air, food and an unhealthy lifestyle, were his main motivations for starting the business. He decided to contribute to the food direction by offering ecologically clean and natural products grown without pesticides. Nika states that sales are low due to the relatively high price of the goods but insists they are healthy, protecting individuals from various diseases. He plans to expand his bio-agriculture and even launch an agro-school.


House Burger

White House Burger is a popular eatery in Kutaisi among both locals and tourists. Run by Natia Chakhunashvili, the idea for it came to her while she was working at Best Western (where she also met her husband!). She does not use frozen semi-processed goods, instead using those of their own production. Her experience as a member of the Farmer’s Association contributed to the formation of her professional attitude, while funding from projects aimed at supporting female entrepreneurs enabled her to purchase the necessary equipment. Chakhunashvili considers the project a success already, but states there is a lot more work ahead.


Georgian agriculture is developing in an interesting way. Lomtagora is one example of that: a wheat-producing company which recently obtained an all-time high harvest of a new species of wheat. The team worked for nine years to get a result from this species. Lomtagora is the only certified company in Georgia in the seed-producing direction. They boast a strong focus on the quality of their products and have already caught the eye of different countries for export.

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15 July 2019 17:35