Pascal Meunier on Russian Ban of Flights to Georgia

Pascal Meunier, Ambassador of France to Georgia, commented on the decision of Russian President Vladimir Putin to ban direct flights to Georgia on Friday.

“The first reaction of Russia was emotional. However, if we accept that appearance of the Russian official in the seat of the Georgian parliament was followed by an emotional reaction in Georgia, we should also understand that Russia could also respond emotionally after seeing that its MP was forced to hide and leave the country,” stated Meunier, adding that there will be a time to get back to reality and responsibility.

The French Ambassador also noted that along with challenges, this crisis also gives Georgia a number of opportunities.

“We have been following the support of the EU Ambassadors towards Georgia through their Facebook pages with regards to traveling to the country. We have also discussed the issue with the Batumi Tourism Office,” said Pascal Meunier.


By Ketevan Kvaratskheliya

12 July 2019 13:09