The Next Paper Collection Contest Kicks Off- Reduce Your Waste!

Good news for schools in Kakheti, Adjara, Shida Kartli and Tbilisi! The USAID WMTR II program implemented by CENN is bringing another competition for schools, asking them to collect as much paper waste as possible for recycling. And while the deadline to register YOUR school might have passed, you can still get started with a recycling program and join in next time!

The first round of the competition was very popular: 135 schools participated and collected aroud 53,000 kg of paper waste- that’s the same as more than 7,000 baby African elephants!

School teams of a maximum of five students and 1 teacher have one month to collect paper. A representative of the program then visits the schools to collect and weigh the paper waste. The top 7 teams who collect the most win the competition.

Winners get to go to the Bulachauri Green Center for a three-day eco camp where they can enjoy many interesting and interactive educational and informative activities. The winners also get a gift package from Zero Effect in recognition of all they’ve done to help the environment.

All participating schools also receive a financial voucher for every 100kg of paper waste they collect!

The last USAID WMTR II program’s (implemented by CENN) Paper Collection Contest saw schools in Kakheti, Shida Kartli, Adjara and Tbilisi joining in the contest.

The winners of the competition with the highest amount of collected paper waste were:

1. Khidistavi Public school – 2,500 kg (Shida Kartli)

2. Chakvi #1 Public School – 1,855 kg (Adjara)

3. Jikhanjuri Public School – 1,809.5 kg (Adjara)

4. Kareli #2 Public School – 1,700 kg (Shida Kartli)

5. Tbilisi #169 Public School – 1,683 kg (Tbilisi)

6. Alambari Public School – 1,600 kg (Adjara)

7. Tezeri Public School – 1,505 kg (Shida Kartli)

The winners of the last competition went to the Winter Camp at the Bulachauri Green Center in February-March.

“We would like to thank every school that participated in the contest as well as the waste recycling companies who collected the paper waste from the schools,” the competition organizers said.

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By Katie Ruth Davies

12 July 2019 11:57