Interior Minister: I Issued All Orders on the Night of June 20

Minister of Internal Affairs of Georgia, Giorgi Gakharia answered the questions existing among the members of society yesterday, in TV Pirveli program “Reaction”.

Prior to that, the Minister was met by the participants of the rally in front of the TV Pirveli building. The demonstrators demanded the resignation of Gakharia, as they believe that he is responsible for the raid of the anti-occupation rally in front of the Parliament building on June 20.

“I gave all orders on the night of June 20, and I acted in accordance with the constitution and legislation of Georgia. The orange rubber bullets used by police are not lethal and they are used in the whole world, including Georgia. According to the law, the law enforcement system can use them in emergency situations. Exactly within the frames of the constitution and law, I gave the order to the police to use special measures which are in full accordance of the law. The main obligation of the police and the Ministry of Internal Affairs is to protect the institutions of the country and restore public order”, the Minister said during the broadcast.  

According to him, law enforcers were forced to take legitimate measures to prevent the crowd from storming Parliament. 

The riot police used rubber bullets and tear gas against the participants of the demonstration on June 20 night, after the part of the protestors tried to forcefully enter the Parliament building. Two nonviolent young demonstrators lost an eye due to rubber bullets, while a total of 240 people, including 80 police officers, were hospitalized. 

Since June 20, the peaceful demonstrations are held every day in Georgia's capital Tbilisi. The protestors have one main demand: resignation of Gakharia for excessive use of force and violating the nonviolent demonstrator's rights during the rally. 

However, the Minister does not intend to resign.

By Ana Dumbadze 

12 July 2019 11:14