Unprecedented warranty offer from HUAWEI

HUAWEI in Georgia offers an exceptional guarantee service to their consumers, proving once again that the users’ interests are a priority for the company.

Here are the conditions of the suggestion – If your device can't run Google and Facebook apps HUAWEI will give you 100% reimbursement.

The one-month-long campaign started on July 5. Additionally, the warranty service will be available only for newly bought smart-phones during 2 years. Bear in mind that the guarantee conditions only apply to official HUAWEI Smartphones.

“A lot of disinformation spread claiming that Facebook and Google Apps will not work well on the new HUAWEI smartphones (the ones that are already selling on the market). This was in fact caused by the US President Donald Trump’s decision that American companies would not be able to provide production to HUAWEI but the announcement was applied to smartphone models that the company produces after August 19.

As of today, Trump has changed his decision and has allowed American companies to continue trading and partnering with HUAWEI. With the abovementioned campaign, we’d like to assure our consumers that our brand is trustworthy. This campaign is an additional proof and guarantee that there are no restrictions,” says the Manager of Guarantee Service of HUAWEI, Salome Melitauri.

Lately, a lot of information from unreliable sources have been spreading around HUAWEI and this situation news misguides consumers. However, with all the versions and predictions, one thing is clear – HUAWEI is on the road of technological development and promises their consumers many pleasant surprises and innovative decisions.

HUAWEI’s production and service is available in more than 170 countries and is used by one third of world population. 16 research and development centers function worldwide in the USA, Germany, Russia, India and China. HUAWEI Consumer BG is one of the three HUAWEI business dimensions. The main direction of their work is producing smartphones, personal computers, tablets and cloud services. The global network of HUAWEI is supported by 20 year-old experience in telecommunication business and serves as a source of offering innovative technologies to the consumers around the world.

11 July 2019 18:16