PM: Europe is Stronger Together with Georgia

Together with Georgia Europe is stronger and as we say in Georgia - Strength is in Unity, Georgian Prime Minister Mamuka Bakhtadze stated in his welcoming speech at the international conference dedicated to the 10th anniversary of Eastern Partnership.

According to the Head of the Government, Georgia is currently implementing a number of very important reforms and is waiting for Europe to offer new mechanisms for further development.

“Georgia is universally recognized as a beacon of democratic transformation in our region. We have introduced robust Human Rights reforms, which ensured continuity of our historical legacy, that includes diversity and tolerance. By the new constitution, Georgia is a fully Parliamentary republic. We are crafting a new political chapter in Georgian politics, fully proportional elections system without barrier ensures full political inclusiveness.

Additionally, we have started a new wave of very comprehensive reforms that will support our transformation into a multi-dimensional hub.

One of such reforms is truly Revolutionary - I would say even a real game changer - a true NATIONAL IDEA - reform of the education sector. Throughout past decades Education has become a bottleneck.

With the new reform we will be devoting 6% of our GDP, which is one-fourth of our budget to the Education sector, together with private sector accumulating double-digit share in GDP and thus making Education a leading sector in our economic structure.

Only highly skilled and educated professionals will be able to raise our country to the heights that we envisage for our future generations”, he stated.

According to PM, Georgia is the country where doing business is very profitable and where rule of law is cherished, however, the country needs additional mechanisms and promotion from Europe for moving forward.

“Georgia is a place to be in and to do business in, we are ready to embrace current trends and continue to be a ring-leader of positive changes, a place where rule of law is cherished and Europe is only way Forward.

But, In order to make this happen, we are in immediate need of creation of additional mechanisms to Eastern Partnership, on our end we are determined to continue our strive for more, but on your end it’s your turn to offer us new mechanisms that will create new benchmarks and new deliverables for a champion country - like Georgia.

Together with Georgia Europe is stronger and as we say in Georgia - Strength is in Unity”, he said while concluding his welcoming speech at the Batumi international conference.

By Ana Dumbadze 

11 July 2019 15:24