EU-Funded 2019 Opinion Polls Show Continued Support for EU in Georgia

The EU financed 2019 opinion polls in Georgia through its ‘EU Neighbors East’ project. The survey took place between February and April 2019 and was based upon face-to-face interviews among a representative sample of 1,000 people throughout the country. The annual survey is now into its fourth year, with the first wave having been carried out in 2016. Similar surveys were also carried out in five other Eastern Partnership countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine. Results from the six countries are presented in national reports and a consolidated regional overview report.

Here below are the key findings in Georgia – more details may be found in the fact sheets and report at the links indicated below.


• 80% of Georgians feel relations with the European Union are good.

• 71% of people in Georgia trust the EU (unchanged since 2018).

• 50% of Georgians have a positive image of the European Union (EU). Only 4% of Georgians have a negative view of the EU.

• 74% of Georgians (up 16% since 2017) are aware of the EU’s financial support to the country, and 62% consider the support to be effective.

Georgia report & fact sheets 2019:

Regional overview 2019 (all EaP countries):

08 July 2019 18:02