PM Bakhtadze Comments on Developments around Rustavi 2 TV

Georgian Prime Minister, Mamuka Bakhtadze has commented on the recent developments around Georgian private broadcaster Rustavi 2 TV. The statement reads:

“What the Georgian society has witnessed today on Rustavi 2 is categorically unacceptable! I profoundly categorize this television message as a provocation and as that of containing the greatest threat against peace and security of Georgia.

I am confident that every citizen and friend of Georgia will isolate themselves from such an aventure. Every sensible person will view this fact as a manifestation of a politically utterly dangerous provocation.

It is a war of provocateurs against their homeland, a dirty and outrageous game putting the security of the state and citizens at stake.”

To note, on Sunday night, the host of Rustavi 2’s program ‘Post Scriptum’ TV anchor Giorgi Gabunia started his show with a statement addressed to Vladimir Putin, the President of the Russian Federation. The monologue, very offensive to Putin in its form and context, was read in Russian by Gabunia. The short statement included but was not limited to swearing off Vladimir Putin’s dead parents. 

Nika Gvaramia, General Executive of Rustavi 2, said the TV channel does not share Gabunia’s comments.

Several employees, including a cameraman, have quit the TV channel after the incident. Part of the employees is holding a protest rally at the headquarters of the TV station, which has suspended broadcasting.

The situation escalated several times, so the Ministry of Internal Affairs has mobilized police to the spot to observe order, as the ministry reports.

By Thea Morrison


08 July 2019 03:29