Picnic Festival with Band Soft Eject

On Saturday, July 6 you will have an unusual chance to spend a summer's day with the band Soft Eject in the countryside. Enjoy being a part of fun and outdoor activities while relaxing to good music with family and friends or all by yourself. The price per ticket is 30 GEL.

Along with the concert, Lisi Wonderland will welcome you with numerous activities, including but not limited to: presentation of the book “Wanderer” and the remake of Soft Eject’s most popular song “Please Just Carry On.”

“Wanderer”, the book brings together all the lyrics written by the band members and includes Pecho’s diaries written during the band’s first trip to Europe. The book encloses a CD that contains a restored and remastered edition of the album- “Wanderer”.

Late in the evening, the band will perform their biggest hits for an hour and a half. After the concert all will be welcome to take a part in the filming of the musical video’s remake after 24 years of its recording.

A bus service from the city center to the event site is offered to, as the organizers have put it, “make your Midsummer Day’s Dream adventure more comfortable”.

Tickets are for sale online and at the entrance of Lisi Wonderland. Children under 12 will enter for free.

Photo taken from Facebook Page of the event.
By Nini Dakhundaridze

03 July 2019 20:10