Georgia to Have New 10 GEL Banknotes from October

Georgia will have new 10 GEL banknotes from October 1, 2019, as a legal means of payment.

The new banknotes will be circulated in parallel with the banknotes issued in previous years. 

The new 10 GEL banknote still features a portrait of the prominent Georgian poet and nationalist Akaki Tsereteli on the front (however, the portrait is different), and a scene taken from famous Georgian Artist David Kakabadze’s 1918 painting ‘Imereti – My Mother’ on the back. 

Reverse of the banknote 

The front of the banknote also features Akaki Tsereteli’s famous poem titled “spring”.

By Ana Dumbadze 

30 September 2019 04:10